All our Dessert are freshly made by our Pastry Chef Wan-Tzu, Wu (Ally)


PORT CHEDDAR OAK MANOR: English Derby cheese blended with port wine, elegant burgundy veining, smooth and delicious

VERMEER: Award winning gouda-style Dutch cheese, velvety, slightly granular, spicy, sweet, nutty accents

GORGONZOLA DOLCE: Northern Italian pasteurized blue cheese, semi soft, full flavoured with hits of sweetness

TALEGGIO: Northern Italian pasteurized cow’s cheese, semi soft, ripened crust, pungent aroma, fruity tang

ACCOMPANIMENT: Cranberry and raisin crisps, fresh sliced fruit, candied nuts, grapes, essencia honey


Dear Valued Customers

As of March 15, 2020, La Terrazza has decided to temporarily close the restaurant due to the recent events around the world concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have also cancelled our upcoming Tasca Wine Tasting Dinner, scheduled on March 27th.

We would like to do our part to ensure the safety of one another!  We appreciate all of the support and dedication of all of our customers.

We will be back soon!

Take care

La Terrazza Restaurant