Bond Girl

Pisco Burnt Martini Glass - 'Stirred' 1.oz Brockmans gin - 1/2 oz Moscato d’Asti - 1/2 oz Lychee Liquor - fresh mint garnish

PRICE: $14.88

Citron Boulevard

A Truly Regal Drink! Absolut Citron Vodka - Aperol - Limoncello Nastro D'Oro - Lillet Vermouth - Grapefruit Juice - Agave Syrup - Candied Grapefruit Tweel

PRICE: $15.88

Cupid's Arrow

Love Bolt! Martini Shaken - 1 1/2 oz Raspberry Stolichnaya Vodka - 1/2oz. Chambord Liqueur - 1oz. Pineapple Juice - Fresh Lime Squeeze - Garnished with 3 Raspberries

PRICE: $16.88

Empress Gin Fizz

Empress Gin,Ginger Liquor, lemon juice, lemon cordial, egg whites, orange bitters

PRICE: $17.88

Garden of Eden

Heavens Temptation! Built in Rock Glass - Brockmans Gin 1oz. - ST Germain Elderflour Liquor 1/2oz. - Chambord Black Raspberry Liquor 1/4oz. - Campari 1/4oz. -On Ice - Topped with Phillips Cucumber Tonic - Garnished with Fresh Mint Cucumber Skewer

PRICE: $15.88

Hard Candy

Plenty Hard Grapefruit & Hibiscus Kombucha, Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom, Pink Grapefruit liqueur, Cherry lunar do with Rhubarb bitters and lemon oleo

PRICE: $17.88

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum Mixture, Spiced Rum, Cinnamon Sugar

PRICE: $15.88

Italian 75

Italians Created the Berretta! Built in Mixing Glass - Glendalough Gin 2oz. - Lemon Juice 3/4oz. - Simple Syrup 3/4oz. - Shaken & Strained - Champagne Flute - Topped with Prosecco - Spiral Lemon Twist

PRICE: $18.88

Moscow Golden Mule

Welcome to Moscow! Gold Russian Standard Vodka - Giffard Ginger Liqueur - Agave Syrup - Ginger Beer - Lime Juice - Crystal Sugar Stick

PRICE: $15.88

Pear Margarita

Margaritaville! Shaken & Strained on the Rocks - El Jimador 1.5oz. - Cointreau 1/2oz. - Fresh Pressed Lime 1oz. - Organic Pear Puree 2oz. - Agave Syrup 1/2oz. - Fresh Mint Garnish

PRICE: $16.88

Premium Negroni with Tanqueray 10 Gin

Viva L'Italia! Built and Stirred in Mixing Glass over Ice- Tanqueray Gin 1oz. - Campari 1oz. - Red Vermouth 1oz. - Garnished with Skewered Orange Slice & Amarena Cherry - Strained over Big Cube

PRICE: $24.88

Princess Sangria

Patio Season In Affect! Chiaretto Rosé - Amalfi Lemon Gin, Taylor White Port, Rhubarb -Ginger Whitely Neil Gin, Prosecco, Burgundy Coupe - Dried Lemon Tuile, Fresh Mint

PRICE: $16.88

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the dark Espresso Liquer, Vanilla Stoli, Bailey’s, Creme and Demura Syrup, Straight up!

PRICE: $16.88


Old Fashioned Cocktail

A Classic! Bulleit Burbon - Knob Creek Bourbon - Crown Royal Rye - Bitters - Muddled Brown Sugar - Brandy Cherries - Orange Zest - Oak Aged

PRICE: $16.88